Mimmo Peraino

Born in Erice in 1977, after studying economics he followed the innate call of space and began attending the Faculty of Architecture. He graduated in Palermo in 2007 with full marks and honourable mention. He began working with the Degree Department and with various architects until 2016, the year in which he founded his own studio in Palermo and Trapani. From 2017 to 2020 he has been teaching planning and design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Trapani.







Architecture is in space,
space is in the rhythm,
the rhythm is in the pauses,
the pauses are waiting,
waiting is the shadow of light.

Architecture is independent of us,
it belongs to whoever resonates with it.
It's a leaf,
It is the whole universe,
It is relationships.
To designi is to go beyond.

Firmitas, utilitas and venustas only the
metrics of a complex poem and as mysterious as life itself.
Only an act of freedom
opens the door to this mystery,
beyond the door
space reaches infinity.

Maximalism is to minimalism
as alpha is to omega.
While in nature there is no alphabet.

Space arises from prefiguration
of a reality waiting to be realized
through the concert of different actions,
parts of one great harmony.

Architecture is designed
to leave it to someone else.
It is an exciting listening exercise.
It is an act of generosity.